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Health Check

Health Screening, Weight Management, Sleep Disorder Screening, Age Management Medicine, Corporate Wellness Program, Full Body Scanners

What Clients are Saying...
I recently had the Heart Screening and received a personal call from Dr. Adeyemi. Due to a potential issue I was referred to a vascular specialist. I am now on a medication that will reduce the chance of heart attack and stroke by 30% and will follow up annually due to a bad family history of stroke and heart attack. I will be forever grateful for the services at 4EverYoungRx and recommend Dr. Adeyemi highly. Individuals and companies should take advantage of the screening and services they offer - Health is Wealth!
Posted by: Suzy C., Hinsdale, IL

Since I've been on the Age Management program, my energy level is up. My recovery time from exercising and my sexual appetite have improved tremendously. Thank you Dr. Yomi for saving my marriage!
Posted by: J.W.S., Chicago, IL


4EverYoungRx and Dr. Yomi Adeyemi, MD FAAHPM a Chicago based Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician provides you a personalized, proven and industry approved approach to regain and maintain the LOOK, VITALITY and ENERGY of YOUTH.    

Most people start experiencing the following changes beginning in their early 30's: 

  • Decreased Energy
  • Decreased Endurance 
  • Memory Dysfunction
  • Sleep Disorder 
  • Symptoms of Peri-menopause and Menopause (Hot Flashes, Mood changes, Vaginal Dryness)
  • Decreased Libido and/or Erectile Dysfunction
  • Chronic Stress
  • Increased Body Fat 
  • Decreased Body Muscle Mass
  • Increased susceptibility to common chronic diseases ( Hypertension, Obesity, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Osteoporosis)

4EverYoungRx has a 4 Step Approach that is evidence based and can be customized to each client.  Dr. Yomi Adeyemi has been successful in using this clinically proven method of managing age related changes himself and is now ready to help you understand and overcome these medical challenges,  nutritional imbalances and hormonal deficiencies.  

"I am more Energized, Alert and Physically Fit. This has been an amazing transformation and now its time to share the secret with you!"  Dr. Yomi Adeyemi

Call 312.888.6563 to Schedule your Health Evaluation or for more information on how to start living your Best Life Today!

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